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This site is about ballet promotion and how ballet can keep its rung on the ladder. It is both an experimental testbed and a teaching demonstration. Our first focus was on promotion via static images. Our focus now is on promotion via online videos. Most company and dancer websites still remain static. We are looking for really innovative videos with a story to them that pull in huge audiences.  Growth principles based on UN successes will soon have a separate page here.

About Peter Quennell, Growth Manager

1) My growth management from inside the UN

I was invited to take a permanent contract with UN development right out of graduate business school. I worked as a field program manager for many years, primarily in various African and Middle East countries. This brought me into into contact with dozens of senior officials in the countries and various arms of the UN.

I then worked for many years in in UN development headquarters in New York on central program development, both on methods and on live programs, . About half of this time I was engaged in central program development and evaluation, and about half the time engaged in building inter-country networks to put new systems in. This again brought me into into contact with dozens of senior officials in the countries and various arms of the UN.

The largest and most successful program was a network program across the counties of Europe for the joint development of industrial systems, transport systems, environmental management systems, and so on. It involved hundreds of meetings in all countries and investment mounted up into the billions.

The knowhow we developed while the best in the world still remains far from pervasive. Some of the emerging markets are doing well in the short term, but each tend to be subject to mysterious stops and starts. In late 2008 their stocks as a class dropped by two-thirds, and although they are heading up fast again for the moment. even they are in need of such knowhow now.

2) My growth management directly with countries

The knowhow remains even further from pervasive in the advanced economies as you can now see (and feel) on a daily basis. They are ALL bumping up against a low ceiling. I quit the United Nations to promote the knowhow more directly with the most interested countries. In the past decade I’ve worked with the US federal government and various other national and local governments and many other interested bodies.

Seen from this new perspective, not more than 20 percent of the world economy is in fact doing ALL the growing. The rest of the world economy just sits there, tying up capital and other resources,  or slowly or rapidly decays. And it is getting WORSE.

As the best world grow knowhow remains so far from pervasive, this now results in very slow growth, economic turbulence, stockmarket dives, house price dives, high unemployment, growing militancy, and even problems with the global weather. Plus governments running up huge debts wrongly thinking that is the way to stimulate growth.

This again brought me into into face to face contact with dozens of senior officials in the countries and various arms of the UN. How many other people in New York have the same overview as I do? At a guess zero. Without the experience of working with dozens of governments on the inside which one can ONLY obtain viia the UN, it is quite impossible to see what the problem is, let alone figure out what to do.

Economists think they know it. Engineers and other systems people think they know it. Government and corporate managers think they know it. Process management people think they know it. Business school teachers think they know it. None of them know it all though.

The tale of the blind men and the elephant very much describes the predicament of growth. 

3) My postgraduate education

I have two masters degrees. One (top of class) in economics, politics and public administration, and a second (top of class) in business administration.

4) My several other websites

I run several. The long-running one-page website http://modeltwo.com/ on growth management was yanked recently, to prepare the way for a multi-page website.

It will now have separate pages for regions and many countries, all about value and systems, and all about how to run the change processes. It will come back online during November.

5) My growing interest in ballet

First, occasional attendance during the 1990s during which my wife Hope Quennell attended maybe a dozen performances a year of the NYCB, ABT, and other companies.

Then, much more frequent attendance in the 2000s after my first performance of La Bayadere when I was unprepared for the entry of the Shades, something stunning it you don’t know it is coming.  . 

Then a considerable jolt in 2009 when ABT and NYCB among other American and European companies laid off dancers; we loaned an ABT dancer $15,000 to keep going and to remain in the US.

And finally, development of this website in spring 2010 shortly before the ABT headed to Chicago with its Swan Lake. Something really surprising happened there, which the knowhow note will explain.

6) My primary work location

Manhattan, New York City.

Phone number 1-201-869-2931

Email address

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